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Stream Exposé

Earlier this Spring, the Raleigh News & Observer ran a 3-day series called "Washed Away" highly critical of the state's NC Ecosystem Enhancement Program (or NC EEP) in-lieu fee projects for stream restoration and nitrogen reduction.

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A Round-Up of Business and Biodiversity News

Athletic apparel manufacturer Puma has become the first company to release an environmental profit and loss account. Their accounting tallied the direct ecological impact of its operations at £6.2m, and an additional £74 million environmental cost along the length of...

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World Bank, non-profits make nice with palm oil

The World Bank is set to release a strategy for lifting its ban of palm oil investments in March of 2011 to a limited set of projects that protect high conservation value forests and provide profit-sharing with local communities

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Blog Coverage of the CBD COP10 in Nagoya, Japan

Ecosystem Marketplace covered the CBD COP10 (Convention on Biological Diversity 10th Conference of Parties) in a series of articles, including: "Special Report: Understanding the Nagoya Biodiversity Talks" "Financing in Spotlight as Biodiversity Talks Open in Nagoya" "Ecosystem Values Converge in...

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Service Area Boundaries - How Does the US ACE Determine these in Different Districts?

Service areas determine the area in which mitigation can occur to offset an impact. The determination of service area affects ecology and economics: too large an area, and you could get ecological 'hotspots,' but too small an area, and you'll...

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Corps Responds to Letter on Data Accessibility; RIBITS Update

Let me put it simply - multiple interests in the US are pretty frustrated with the lack of accessibility to data on wetland mitigation held by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Earlier this year twenty leaders in the wetlands...

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Round-up of Biodiversity News

This month brings more developments on the TEEB front. If you haven't yet cracked the hefty report, Ecosystem Marketplace provides a quick review here. We keep seeing indications that businesses (or at least some businesses) are getting the message. Last...

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Foreign Aid for Biodiversity: Tyrants Need not Apply

Interesting research reported at July's Society for Conservation Biology meeting concluded that aid money abhors corrupt governance ("Eco-minded tyrants need not apply"). The research was based on a new foreign aid database called that logs over $18 billion of...

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Survey Says... Biodiversity is the Next Big Thing

A global survey of over 1,500 company executives found mixed results for biodiversity (McKinsey Global Survey 2010). On the one hand, biodiversity is seen as an opportunity or a risk for over half the respondents, with Water scarcity leading the...

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PWS in the US

Ecosystem Marketplace caught up with Todd Gartner (with World Resources Institute, previously with American Forest Foundation) to find out about a pilot Payment for Watershed services scheme that is being developed in two watersheds in the Northeast US. Todd...

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